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Edition of Barcarolle Op. 60

Chopin Barcarolle (edition ET) 1st page 600dpi.jpeg

A scholarly edition of the Barcarolle Op. 60, available to all for free on imslp. Based primarily on the first French Edition and autograph, with options from the German and English editions + the German autograph. Additional possibilities from Chopin's students: Mikuli, Sterling, and Dubois, all visible on the page itself (no flipping to the back of the book!).

Available here:,_Op.60_(Chopin,_Frédéric)#667926

10 Cello Studies in Second Position

piano score cover copy.jpg

includes 10 progressive etudes, all with shifts to basic second position. A piano part is included, with accompaniments playable by a teacher with basic piano proficiency 



2. The Rumbling Rhino

3. The Frolicking Goat

4. Song of the Lonely Pony

5. The Crashing Monkeys

6. Go Go Gophers!

7. The Meditating Duck

8. The Rolling Hedgehog Etude

9. Leaping Llamas

10. The Lonely Pony Has the Best Birthday Party Ever and Is No Longer Lonely 

Request your copy here:

How to Cheat at Piano: The History and Ethics of Redistribution, Along with a Practical Guide

A 75-page document that examines the historical and ethical considerations of hand redistribution at the piano and presents a practical guide with examples graded from anodyne to controversial. It concludes with principles to refer to when tackling difficult passages in other works.

Debut Album of Original Solo and Chamber Compositions

SD 9491 Water booklet 11-23.png

Sponsored by the Stanford Young Alumni Arts Grant. Available for purchase here:

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